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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -- Pablo Picasso

Our first commitment is to individuals and groups who use their voices, express their vision, and offer their creative work to enhance the diversity of our culture. For artists and creators in every discipline, we provide information, commentary, and resources to help you better understand and navigate the dynamic markets for your works and creative services. Artists, creators, teachers, legal advocates, business leaders, and supporters can also share ideas, stay informed, and learn from one another through our network of Copyright Advocates.

Copyright Basics

Digital Topics

Additional Sites and Blogs about Copyright and Creativity

  • - The US Copyright Office website
  • - A copyright resource for creators maintained by Columbia Law School
  • - Copyright law and litigation resource
  • - Dissecting the digital utopia, a blog written by indie filmmaker David Newhoff
  • - Artists for an ethical and sustainable internet, a community blog for those interested in the protection of artists rights in the digital age
  • - Commentary, memes & more from creative culture, a blog written by indie filmmaker Ellen Seidler