The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation

Education in the digital age increasingly means that students and teachers have expanded opportunities to both experience and create new media as part of the learning process. Understanding how copyright functions and its implications for us as both creators and experiencers is crucial to making ethical choices in contemporary society.

The Copyright Alliance Education Foundation provides free resources for K – 12 educators, many of whom are required by state laws to incorporate information about copyright and digital citizenship in their lesson plans. We organize these materials by grade level and subject matter so they are easily incorporated into the class curricula.

Moving forward, the educational component of The Copyright Alliance will broaden its efforts to reach students directly. With each new, young user of digital technology, parents, educators, and kids themselves confront relatively new questions that affect social interactions, legal and civic responsibilities, and even personal safety. Through various communications media, we aim to foster discussion relevant to all ages about digital citizenship as these technologies become more intrinsic to everyday life.

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