STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars, RE: House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte's Announcement Regarding Hearings on the Copyright Act

Date Published: 

April 24, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars made the following statement re: House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte's Announcement Regarding Hearings on the Copyright Act 

Chairman Goodlatte’s announcement that the House Judiciary Committee will hold comprehensive hearings on copyright law in the coming months is very timely.  It is important to think about what the Copyright Act means to authors on World IP Day. The Act was intended to protect and encourage the creative work of individuals, which ultimately accrues to the benefit of our society as a whole.  For decades the Copyright Act has inspired and advanced creative people in their work, but as creators continue to innovate in the ways in which they create and distribute their works, it is worthwhile pausing to consider whether there are improvements that could address the challenges creative upstarts face on a daily basis.

Copyright is ultimately about freedom of choice. It empowers the author of a work to determine the path for his or her creative work. When court decisions or the passage of time threaten to undermine the core incentives for authors to produce and disseminate their works, it is wise to consider whether adjustments in the law are needed.

I am pleased that Chairman Goodlatte has announced his intention to study and gather input on these issues through comprehensive hearings, because it is important to ensure there is a practical understanding of the role of copyright in all creative people's lives as Congress evaluates its next steps.

As a non-profit, nonpartisan group representing various membership organizations, associations and companies in the creative industries, as well as thousands of individual grassroots members, the Copyright Alliance is looking forward to participating in the upcoming hearings to ensure that the interests of creators of all stripes are heard. Because ultimately, when the rights of creators are respected, the public interest is served.” 


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